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Hi! I'm Dan!

There is something magic in a well taken photograph. A combination of light, pose, and environment can turn the ordinary into something more, bringing a bit of wonder into the day to day. There is no greater thrill than to capture a moment of awesomeness.

I'm married, father of two. I enjoy hiking, biking, reading objectively bad novels, and making people laugh at my foolishness. I photograph weddings and families because it's the best of times, really. People coming together in love, hope, friendship, and excitement is a welcome antidote to all the negativity you hear in the news. It reaffirms my belief that there is good in this world, and if I can capture that, those special fleeting moments, hopefully it will remind you too.

My style is vivid and real. Life is a palette of millions of colors and I want to show that in the images I produce. I love eliciting real emotions from the people I photograph, and capturing those moments in time to look at for years to come. 

Photographing people is amazing. The play of light and shadows change so much about how a person looks. Light a person one way, dramatic, another, soft and approachable. I'm endlessly fascinated how little changes in posture or positioning make such big differences in a picture.

Whether you are getting married, looking for an engagement session, want good pictures of you and your family, or pretty much anything else, I can help with that!

I'm located in Denver, Colorado and willing to travel anywhere. Travel is included anywhere in Colorado, and may be discounted if you are getting married someplace I've wanted to go to.