Hi! I'm Dan!

I'm married, father of two. I enjoy mountain biking, reading objectively bad novels, and making people laugh at my foolishness. I've been photographing weddings for 7+ years now.

I love photographing weddings and families because it's the best of times, really. People coming together in love, hope, friendship, and excitement is a welcome antidote to all the negativity you hear in the news. It reaffirms my belief that there is good in this world, and if I can capture that, those special fleeting moments, hopefully it will remind you too.

My style is vivid and real. Life is a palette of millions of colors and I want to show that in the images I produce. I love eliciting real emotions from the people I photograph, and capturing those moments in time to look at for years to come.

And just so you know, I am LGBTQ+ friendly. Love is love.