Small weddings can be kind of awesome

"Dan," people ask, "What do you like better, small weddings or large ones?" And to truthful, both have their strong suits. A large wedding has a certain hum of activity, many people excited for the big day, crowded, rocking dance floors, a sense of large scale fun going on.

But a small wedding is certainly more laid back. No huge buffet line, no set schedule planned out per minute by a wedding coordinator, just those closest to you, spending the most special of days in an easy, unhurried fashion.

Kiron and Arionna's wedding was on an unusually warm fall day in Colorado, and we could not have asked for better weather. They were relaxed and having fun, but then when the ceremony started, both of them got choked up and it was evident to me that this was no arranged marriage!

When it came time to take couples pictures, they had fun and enjoyed each other's company and I tried the best I could to capture them as they are. I think things came out pretty well!