A summer wedding at the historic Oxford Hotel

The Oxford hotel has been around since the 1800's, and has it had a better wedding than Paige and Nick's wedding? I don't think so! Set in the heart of downtown, the charming old hotel was an excellent place to host a wedding. Paige's wedding dress evoked images of classic hollywood and Nick's understated apparel complimented her quite well.

They have a playful, loving relationship that comes through in the pictures, and made them easy to work with. I didn't have to do much guiding, just let them interact and capture the magic.

We traveled around the hotel taking pictures

The architecture and feel of the hotel lent itself to black and white images. I usually don't do much in black and white, but they blend into these old venues so well that I can't help but convert a good number to monochrome

And when the evening came, we went out on the street

Union Station is right there. What am I gonna do, not have them pose in front of it? Absurd, sir! Just absurd.