Like all things, there are pros and cons to getting married in winter. I'm sure you've thought of the obvious, that it is cheaper and colder, but is it worth the savings? What do you miss out on? What may be the benefits of having a wedding in winter that aren't so obvious? Wat are some gotchas to watch out for? Let me tell you my experiences from a photographer's perspective.

Let's get the most important thing out of the way first...

You need a photographer who can handle flash well. Night comes on quickly! Think about it. Ceremony at 4:00 pm, sunset at 4:45, chances are a good half or more of your pictures will be taken after the sun has set. A surprising number of wedding photographers are not that great with flash. So ask for full galleries! Preferably of another winter wedding, and see if you like the pictures they take after dark has come. Or hire me. You know I don't suck!

The cold can affect your couples portraits. And outdoor pictures in general

You think you're tough, you think you'll be unaffected by the chill wind on your shoulders, right? Maaaybe so..but maybe that wind will be extra biting or that dress is not quite as warm as you thought it would be, leading to hunched shoulders and stiff postures. Unless it's unseasonably warm, I've found that I've had to hurry when doing couples pictures. Both because of how fast night comes and because of the cold. What has helped is to have a place that is pretty inside as well. For example, the Tapestry House near Fort Collins is an old mansion that is lovely inside. Still, it can be a challenge to get as many couple portraits as I do for summer weddings, so keep that in mind.

Your friends and family will be in the cold

So maybe cut out pages 12-15 of your vows and make sure you don't have your family freezing for too long! Usually this has not been too much of an issue, but it's something to be aware of. No one wants Aunt Edna to freeze to death, so keep the ceremony short and sweet!

Don't forget winter weddings can be beautiful too!

I've been a bit dour with my "Cold! Cold! Dark! Dark!" points above, but winter has its own beauty and can result in some stunning images. Be prepared to be a bit chilled, get a photographer who has a plan to get you some good photographs quickly, and enjoy your day.

To sum up

As long as you understand the daylight is gonna be gone before you know it, and that you may not be able to be as leisurely with the ceremony and pictures, a winter wedding is a fine idea.