Sarah and Ethan Met in NYC

But covid did a number on the city, and they worked remotely so took the opportunity to move to Colorado. They enjoy hiking and enjoying the mountains, so that's why they chose a venue where the mountains are on display like no other.

I am not affiliated or compensated by North Star Gatherings, but, dang! Up a steep dirt road that switchbacks up from Idaho Springs far below, this venue has the best western views of any venue I've been at. You get married at the edge of the mountain overlooking a row of 14,000 foor mountains.

Sarah is not one for some of the more sentimental aspects of weddings. She wanted good pictures, but didn't want to spend forever talking pictures, so I had to work quickly and not waste their time. Ethan is a goofball, and while he wanted to have good photos, he also wanted to have fun with the pictures.

The ceremony took place amidst lightning!

I've been rained upon many times at weddings, but lightning and thunder at such an altitude made me a bit nervous. But I have a job to do, and so I did it, until the skies opened up and we were forced inside for the end of the ceremony.

As sunset arrived. We climbed the hill to take some more pictures

Luckily, the schedule was set up right to let us go up as the sun went down

The sunlight lasted for me to get ridiculously awesome guest pictures

The dances ended the night with emotion and elegant motion

And some wild kicks from Ethan and his mom...